The Dallas Cowboys did not feel the need to unofficially retire Tony Romo’s number like they did Troy Aikman’s #8, Emmit Smith’s #22, and Roger Staubach’s #12, instead they gave Romo’s #9 to rookie linebacker Jaylon Smith.

The number 9 has not been worn by a Cowboys player since Tony Romo retired in 2016, and most fans thought the number had been unofficially retired like other great Cowboys players’ numbers were.

Dallas has never officially retired a jersey number, but they have pulled certain numbers that former elite Cowboys have worn from the team’s distribution list.

Apparently, Tony Romo did not make that list.

Jaylon Smith wore #9 in high school and college, and he was happy to acquire the number this week in Organized Team Activities.

Tony Romo went 78-49 over his 13-year career as a Dallas Cowboy, and many fans felt Romo’s 63% win total warrants his jersey number to be unofficially retired.

Scoop the Twitter reaction below:

Some Cowboy fans who see Romo’s career stats for what they really are welcomed Jaylon Smith wearing Romo’s old number.

Your thoughts?

Source: TMZ

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