A quick trip to a local gas station turned into a long night for Akon.

The musician’s Range Rover was stolen just before midnight at a QuikTrip gas station off Sidney Marcus Boulevard in Buckhead.

According to reports, Akon left the SUV running when he got out to pump his gas.

While he was on the passenger side of the vehicle pumping the gas, the thief hopped in the driver’s seat and bounced.

According to the police report, a $25,000 diamond necklace, along with a Louis Vuitton bag valued at $6,500 was inside of the vehicle when it was stolen.

Watch the news report below.

You may recall, Ludacris’ Mercedes Benz was stolen in January when he left it running at an ATM.

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Atlanta Lt. Dorian Graham said:

Any time you stop your vehicle and you leave your vehicle for just a split second, please turn your vehicle off and take your keys with you and secure your vehicle. We’re having far too many vehicles stolen because we are leaving our vehicles running.

That’s rule no. 1 in this establishment!