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Toni Braxton Says She Will Always Be A ‘Black Mom Worried’

Toni Braxton, like many mothers, worries about her black sons in America.

The R&B legend took to social media on Monday (June 1) and shared a photo of herself and her young kings, Denim Braxton-Lewis, who just graduated high school, and Diezel Braxton-Lewis.

The caption on the photo read:

I’m a mother…look at my sons…@denimbraxton just finished high school on Thursday. He and @diezel.braxton are so young and ready to discover their way in life and there’s nothing I can do to protect them from the hate because of their beautiful black skin.

No matter where they go in this world, I will always be their BMW. ?#blackmomworried ?

See the original post below:

I feel Toni Braxton with my whole heart.

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