Tokyo Jetz took to social media on Monday and issued a tearful apology after video of her making a George Floyd joke sparked outrage across social media.

In the viral clip, the rapper is seen playfully threatening her friend saying, “I’mma George Floyd your f**kin @ss.”

See the original clip below:

The streets of Twitter were flooded with outrage and disgust as people crammed to understand how she could say something so disrespectful as thousands across the nation are protesting and fighting to get justice for the murder of an unarmed black man.

Peep a few tweets below:

Tokyo Jetz took to Instagram crying a river in an effort to calm the mob.

The caption on the video read:

I’m sorry, I messed up big time. Nothing excuses what I’ve said and done, but I do really want everyone to know I’m not proud of it and sincerely apologize.

See the video below:

Of all the things she could have said she referenced the murder of a black man as joke.

Did she feel bad after she said it or after she got dragged? Is she sincere or were these tears and social media apology orchestrated by her PR team?

Here’s some advice… keep George Floyd’s name out of your mouth unless you’re demanding justice for him.