Tomeka Pless lost her son, who was a water boy, in June 2020, and now she’s supporting a proposed ban on them

Buckhead is attempting to become its own city and passing legislation to ban the sale of water is at the top of its To-Do List.

Atlanta water boys have garnered a reputation for being violent, harassing, and overly aggressive while trying to make sales on the street.

Tomeka Pless’ son was killed in June of 2020 when he got in an argument with another water boy.

She started an online petition for Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to permanently ban the sales.

Tomeka spoke on Thursday (December 9) about her son’s death with a group advocating for the ban of water boys.

It was 2:24 to be exact. I talked to my son for two minutes, and a few seconds.

And I never spoke to my son again until I got that call at 2:22 saying that he was laying shot, lifeless, in midtown.

Tomeka’s petition has over 5,000 signatures.

Watch the video below:

I believe the water boy ban will be a reality soon.