Comedian TK Kirkland Talks About Apologizing To Eddie Murphy For Stealing Charlie Murphy’s Rolex Watch

In a recent interview, comedian TK Kirkland said he apologized to Eddie Murphy for stealing his brother Charlie Murphy’s Rolex watch because he wanted to make things right as a man.

TK said he was a young 20-year-old man who was doing some crazy things when he stole the watch, but he wants everyone to know that God dropped all the charges.

Let me explain to everybody who knows about Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy, when I was a 20-year-old man, I did some crazy things.

I just want people to know that God dropped all the charges.

And, it was an embarrassing situation when I was a youngster, still embarrassing now.

TK said, amazingly, he never ran into Charlie Murphy again on the comedy scene after he stole his watch, but years later, he saw his brother Eddie Murphy in Hollywood, and he made sure he looked him in the eyes and apologized as a man for something he did as a youngster.

He said Eddie was very receptive to his apology, and after he apologized, he felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off of him in the comedy world.

It’s amazing I’ve been doing this 37 years, I never… ran into Charlie Murphy ever again since that situation he was in the comedy business, right…

It’s amazing because as a man I wanted to apologize for what I did as a youngster, back then.

So, years later I’m in Hollywood, I’m in the fly a** whip and there’s a fly a** whip in front of me.

Who get’s out when the valet opens the door?… It’s Eddie Murphy with a beautiful female.

And I always keep a bad b***h breathing on me, but now I’m not the little street dude that when I was hanging with them who did something that was foul.

Now I’m the successful entertainer, businessman, slash whatever, and I’m in the same VIP section with Eddie Murphy.

And I walked up to him like a man and looked him in his eye, and I said, ‘Listen, I apologize for what I did 30 something years ago,’ and he said, ‘People still talking about that?’ I said, ‘Yes they are, but I had to look you in your eye to tell you that because that’s the kind of man that I’ve become in that type of character.

He touched his heart, and said, ‘Nah, we good player.’

And I went back, and I sent him a bottle, and I sit down with my friend, and it felt like it was a ton of bricks that was lifted off of me in the comedy world that set me free to continue to do the things that I wanted to do…

Watch the clip from the TK Kirkland interview on VLAD TV below:

TK was treacherous in those comedy streets. Remember he also stole Diddy‘s credit card!? ??‍♂️

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