Azealia Banks has taken to the streets of social media to slam Beyoncé for a number of things including stealing and erasure.

The release of Beyoncé’s new single, “Break My Soul,” has Azealia hot as fish grease and she’s letting everyone know it!

In various posts on social media, Azealia Banks has accused Bey of trying to erase her contributions to House and Dance music.

My last three releases whooped your @ss,” she said via her Instagram Story.

Exhibit A:

On Saturday, Azealia took things a bit further and accused Beyoncé of stealing music from the “black divas.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Azealia Banks went on to bring up the child Mathew Knowles fathered outside of his marriage to Tina Knowles, now Tina Lawsonrespectfully.

She wrote:

Since Bey is out here pretending to support black divas with bouquets of wilted flower after stealing their art, arrogantly assuming they don’t have money for legal counsel…and muscling them into making up stock pr statements to cover up this messy album roll out…

Can we get an update on Koi Knowles????

Ya know, your little sister you think we forgot about?

This French coffee knee-high, white Orthopedic wallaby communion plate Sunday school baptist cornbread wig jig is up Bey.


When do the Blue Ivy and Koi Knowles Photos drop??

See Azealia Banks’ original post below.

Azealia Banks slams Beyonce

Peep a few Twitter reactions to Azealia’s one-sided beef with Beyoncé below.

One thing about Azealia is her approach is ALWAYS out of pocket, disrespectful, and offensive, which makes it hard to stand with and/or support her IF she has been genuinely wronged or if she has a valid point.

Dance music is out of my realm so I will stick to the rivers and the lakes that I’m used to.

But, I do know bringing up an innocent child in a beef over music is disgusting.

Your thoughts?