King Harris
King Harris via Instagram

The fallout from the Harris family feud on Sunday continues as Tiny is now shutting down rumors that claim T.I. is not King Harris’ biological father.

An alleged “reputable source” claimed King’s father is Deb Antney’s brother, James “Bimmy” Antney, a former member of the notorious Supreme Team. 

James ‘Bimmy’ Antney via Instagram

Tiny Harris took to her Instagram Story to address the rumors about her son, King, and she was hot as fish grease!

The Xscape singer wrote: 

Man this is the biggest bulls— ever!!! No disrespect but I don’t even know Bimmy like that!

I was just reminded of who he was. Quit playing with us for click bait b—!!

See her original post below. 


The latest rumor comes days after King Harris publicly clashed with his parents at the Atlanta Falcons game.

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I’m sure Bimmy is at home like…”How I get in this?!”

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