Black History Month is hitting different this year for a woman on TikTok, who discovered she’s Black after learning that her “white-passing” grandmother was living a lie.

The woman, who uses the handle @thekennedyproj, shared:

My grandmother took a secret to her grave and we just found out what it was. 

She passed back in 2002 and at the time we thought she was born back in 1933 

We knew her name, we knew that she was an orphan and she was an only child… we had no other family connections to her whatsoever. 

Her family line lived and died with her. 

So, find me confused when our family gets results back from the 23andMe test telling us that we are African American when my grandmother said that we were English. 

But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

@thekennedyproj went on to share that Passing Granny’s name was not Millicent Vaughn – it was Mamie Vaughn.

She was born in 1927, not 1933 (I’m not mad at her shaving off a few years). 

Passing Granny had 14 siblings and she wasn’t an orphan, however, her parents did pass away when she was young. 

At some point, Passing Granny decided to run away and get her Imitation of Life on. 

Watch below as @thekennedyproj shares her shocking discovery. 

She also shared old photos of white-Passing Granny and her family before she assumed the identity of Millicent Vaughn.


Reply to @tammyirvingdayton #greenscreen Some photos of my grandmother for you 🙂 isn’t she STUNNING

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Wow! What an interesting discovery for @thekennedyproj and her family.

When I took the 23andMe DNA Genetic Test a few years ago, they mixed up my results with another person and told me I was biracial.

They literally turned my world upside for four months before contacting me about the error.

So, proceed with caution if you plan to use their testing kit.

Your thoughts?