On the most recent viral episode of “Karens Gone Wild,” Neighborhood Karen went to a woman’s house and complained about a Tigger flag in her yard.

TikToker Ambrosia answered her door to find a woman complaining about the Tigger flag she has hanging in her yard.

Neighborhood Karen said the flag looks tacky and she doesn’t like it.

Ambrosia politely told her that it doesn’t look tacky, and there is no homeowners association.

Karen said the Tigger flag violates community rules, but she’s not sure exactly which one…but she plans to look it up.

Watch the video below:

Ambrosia said TikTok banned her account for posting the video, but she appealed it and they put it back up.

Shout out to TikToker Ambrosia for her patience and discernment.

Your thoughts?