A woman, who is being called “Victoria Secret Karen,” tried to attack a Black female inside the store, and when she realized she was being recorded she started crying and pretended to pass out.

The incident took place inside the Victoria’s Secret in Millburn, New Jersey.

At the beginning of the video, you see Karen attempt to hit Ijeoma, the woman who was recording on her phone, once Karen realized Ijeoma was recording her she went into full actress mode.

She fell to the ground, started crying, and complaining that Ijeoma is recording her. She demanded that Ijeoma stop, and she started chasing her around the store.

At one point, Karen screamed at Ijeoma, “Please don’t record my mental breakdown!”

It’s funny how that “mental breakdown” didn’t start until she realized she was being recorded.

Ijeoma handled the situation well, she kept the camera on Karen to use to show the police in case Karen made any false claims.

Some onlookers tried to come to Karen’s defense, but Ijeoma quickly dismissed their comments.

Ijeoma came to the store to take advantage of a free panty deal, but she got a free production starring “Victoria Secret Karen” instead.

Watch the video below:

When police showed up, Karen told them she was upset because she was fearful of the video being shared online.

Karen was not arrested, and Ijeoma plans to file a complaint against the police because she said they treated her as the aggressor.


Peep Twitter reactions to the tomfoolery below:

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