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Thieves Steal $30K Worth Of Snow Crabs In Philadelphia (YouTube)

The city of brotherly love is facing a crustacean conundrum as authorities in Philadelphia are on the hunt for a group of brazen thieves who made off with a hefty haul of snow crabs. 

In a daring early morning heist outside a local Walmart, the perpetrators made away with a cool $30,000 worth of the prized seafood.

Captain Jack Ryan of the Philadelphia police department recounted the details of the incident, describing how the thieves made off with two pallets of Grandpa Harvey’s snow crabs, totaling approximately 100 boxes. 

This brazen theft marks the second of its kind in just 10 days, signaling a troubling trend for law enforcement.

The scene of the crime was the Walmart delivery dock, where a refrigerated truck sat parked around 5:30 a.m. on that fateful Friday. 

Despite the presence of a security system, the thieves, arriving in four cars, proceeded with their nefarious plans without hesitation.

In a distressing turn of events, two of the robbers assaulted the delivery driver, leaving him injured and in need of immediate medical attention.

This incident is just one of many plaguing the Philadelphia area, with a staggering 38 cargo heists reported so far this year. 

Just weeks prior, thieves targeted a truck carrying 56 cases of pork valued at over $12,000. 

Another driver, caught unaware while taking a nap in his truck, woke up to find his shipment of bourbon being whisked away by thieves.

John Rigney, safety director for the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, shed light on the motives behind these crimes, explaining how criminals target specific types of trucks based on the valuable cargo they carry. 

Refrigerated trailers, in particular, are prime targets due to the high-value items they often transport, whether it be seafood, pork, or other perishable goods.

Captain Ryan emphasized the timing of these thefts, noting that they predominantly occur late at night or in the early hours of the morning when drivers are most vulnerable while awaiting delivery. 

The noisy nature of refrigerated trucks adds another layer of vulnerability, catching drivers off guard as they rest.

In light of these alarming incidents, authorities are urging truck drivers to prioritize their safety above all else. 

Rather than confronting assailants, drivers are advised to contact emergency services immediately if faced with a theft.

Watch the news report below.

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