The Weeknd has released the disturbing official music video for his latest single, “Too Late,” and I am literally still trying to digest it as I write this post.

The Cliqua-directed visual picks up with the singer being beheaded from the “In Your Eyes” video.

Two women find his head in the middle of the street, scoop it up, and take it back to their mansion.

They make out with The Weeknd’s head, but at some point, they decide they want to take things to the next level.

The ladies peruse the classifieds and hire an exotic dancer to come to the mansion for a private show.

Homie was putting in work too!

And in a pearl-clutching moment, they kill the dancer, sew The Weeknd’s head onto his body, and then they “ride” him into the sunset – face and all.

Watch the video below. (Warning: This video contains graphic violence and weirdo sexual situations.)

I’m gone pray for The Weeknd cause he needs Jesus.

Let me know your thoughts on the video.