You know it’s hard out here for pimp… Terrence Howard is suing 20th Century Fox for using his likeness from Hustle & Flow to create the logo for “Empire.” 

Yes, you read that correctly.

The actor who starred in both, the film and six seasons of the hit drama, claims 20th Century Fox gave him the runaround when he asked how they came up with the logo for “Empire” considering he’s never done a photoshoot for it. 

Five years later, he realized the logo is allegedly from the scene of Hustle & Flow when he was in the studio recording “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.”

In his lawsuit, Terrence said “the still frame was selected, reversed (face looking left, not right), and subjected to CGI that simply distilled the cinematographer’s skilled capture of the head with vibrant light and shadow” to make the “Empire” logo.

The real issue is if 20th Century Fox had obtained the proper license to use the image Terrence would have gotten paid for it.

Terrence Howard is suing for damages and he wants coins for all of the merch that was sold with that logo. 

You may recall in March, Terrence sued 20th Century Fox over missing “Empire” checks. 

Source: TMZ