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UPDATE: The palace has denied there is any truth to the report claiming Queen Elizabeth II has passed away.

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The streets of Twitter are in shambles right now in response to an unconfirmed report claiming Queen Elizabeth II has died.

On Sunday, the palace announced that the 95-year-old monarch had contracted the virus. 

The Queen canceled her planned virtual engagements on Tuesday as she continued to suffer mild COVID-19 symptoms. 

Hollywood Unlocked posted an exclusive story claiming the Queen was allegedly found dead.

“The Queen Died” and “Jason Lee” are now trending on Twitter as people have all kinds of wild and jaw-dropping reactions to the report.

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BNO has reported:

A rumor claiming that Queen Elizabeth II had died went viral on social media on Tuesday night, but a parliamentary official said there was no truth to the reports. The monarch is currently recovering from COVID-19.

In the meantime, I’ll send up prayers for Queen Elizabeth II as she recovers from COVID-19.