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The New Edition Trademark Is Now Owned By ALL Members Of The Group

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I am elated to report the New Edition trademark is now owned by all of the members of the group.

The trademark ownership had been a point of contention within the group for quite some time.

According to Ralph Tresvant, it was brought to his attention that the group’s name had not been trademarked, so he and Johnny Gill secured the name for the group so that they wouldn’t lose ownership of it.

Once the trademark ownership got weird, it ultimately led to Ronnie DeVoe, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, and Mike Bivins going on tour as RBRM…oh, and Ralph and Johnny were recording duets here and there.

The good news is all of that is black history because Ralph took to the streets of social media show off the New Edition trademark paperwork with the signatures of all of the members on the document.

See the original post below:


I’m so happy for them!

What makes this even more sweet is it’s the group’s 42nd anniversary!

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