David Adefeso is taking his case to the court of public opinion.

A day after he filed for a restraining order against Tamar Braxton and she claimed he assaulted her and threatened to kill her in a murder-suicide, David took to the streets of Instagram to tell his side of the story.

Appearing to fight back emotions, David said he’s been a victim of domestic violence.

He also said while driving Tamar hit him in his jugular leaving him so disoriented that he called his mother, who began to pray for him over the phone.

David Adefeso went on to say he then realized he was being secretly recorded and the recordings have been sent to his family to.

He vehemently denied ever assaulting Tamar and he fought back tears as he talked about his Rolls Royce being damaged to the tune of $30,000.

Watch below (3:00 mark):

Lawd hammery.


  1. He’s a little bitch!!! I’m not a Tamar fan but he could have expressed his feelings about domestic violence without using her name. If he loves her so much and will always be there then he should have just left her name out of it. His $30,000 car damage wasn’t necessary to speak about. He knows Tamar has a son and her issues affect him too. He was an unknown before Tamar now he’s using her fame to make a name for himself!!! Sorry but dude is corny…

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