14 Totally Accurate Tweets About Rory & Mal Exiting Joe Budden’s Podcast

The streets of social media are buzzing about Rory and Mal exiting “The Joe Budden Podcast.”

Apparently, there has been some tension between the fellas of the popular podcast that has resulted in Rory and Mal exiting the show.

It’s unclear if the exit is temporary or permanent, but fans of the show are in an uproar.

Joe Budden channeled his inner Derrick Jaxn as he tried to explain what’s going on during Wednesday’s episode of the podcast.

Read the Reddit cliff notes below:

screenshot of reddit notes about the Joe Budden Podcast

Peep the tweets below:


Do you think Rory and Mal are gone for good?

If so, do you think it will impact the show?

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