The Honey Pot Company is trending in the streets of Twitter and it ain’t sweet.

The company, founded by Beatrice Dixon, became wildly popular for its plant-based feminine hygiene products that provided women with healthy alternatives to feminine care. 

Beatrice was suffering from an ongoing case of bacterial vaginosis and nothing the doctors recommended worked. 

Her grandmother came to her in a dream and she gave Beatrice a list of ingredients and told her what to do. 

And that’s how Honey Pot was born. 

The product blew up and is now available in Walmart, Target, and other major retailers.

Early on, Beatrice Dixon made it very clear that her ultimate goal was to take the company she created with a $21,000 loan and sell it. 

Honey Pot is currently trending in the streets of social media as consumers express their disappointment with the laundry list of new ingredients in a product that was once organic. 

A TikToker recently rang the alarm on the products with this video.


When one woman on Twitter questioned why they changed the ingredients in their feminine wash, The Honey Pot Co official Twitter account responded:

Hi! We understand seeing new ingredients on the back of your wash bottle could be confusing but we’re here to help.

We captured feedback and insights from our amazing community to build upon the formula for our washes and designed a new preservative system to uphold the quality of our washes.

Propylene Glycol, phenoxyethanol, and sodium benzoate are widely used to do just that.

Phenoxyethanol has anti-microbial properties to keep products stable, and sodium benzoate supports ingredients designed for pH balancing for a longer period of time.

In addition to its antimicrobial properties, Propylene Glycol also functions as a humectant which can support the moisture profile of a product.

Our washes are dermatologist-approved, kind to and safe for skin and continue to not have any added parabens, dioxides or sulfates.

Please visit our Ingredient Glossary on http://thehoneypot.co/ingredient-glossary… to read about all of our ingredients and email support@thehoneypot.co with any more concerns. 

See the original tweets here.

Honey Pot is trending on Twitter as people react and discuss the products.

Read a few tweets below.


Hopefully, the company will take heed to the importance of keeping the products organic for the health of the consumer.

Do you use The Honey Pot Company products?

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  1. I’m so sickin how when black own business changes after money comes in to play..Honey pot wash the best thing happen to black women..As a black woman we have endured these types of complications..Why people just can’t be happy on the little things ..White people been stealing an taking our invention for Centuries an we still allow them to do ..Wake up black People you not Tired Yet..When we will learn ?

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