After a treacherous weekend in the streets of social media, Beatrice Dixon, founder of The Honey Pot Company, is speaking out and there are a few things she wants you to know. 

In a video posted on the official Instagram page for The Honey Pot Company, Beatrice looked visibly hurt as she addressed the consumer backlash over the change of ingredients in their feminine wash products. 

At one point, she began to fight back tears.

The caption on the video also addressed three points she wants to make clear.

1. We have not sold.

2. The wash formulation has evolved for good reason.

3. We have and always will serve humans with vaginas best. Full stop.

Beatrice asked for grace as she read a written statement addressing the backlash. 

In the statement, she reaffirmed that she has not sold her company. 

Beatrice went on to say that they updated the ingredients of their feminine wash products for good reason and reassured Honey Pot consumers that is still plant-derived, ph balanced, beautiful and even more effective.

She also took accountability for not being as forthcoming or transparent about that change as she should have been. 

Lastly, Beatrice Dixon wants her consumers to remember she’s human. 

Watch the full video below. 

On Twitter, the company is still apologizing to consumers who are upset about the formula changes.

Visit the official website of The Honey Pot Company for more information.