The Consultant series - Christopher Waltz - Prime Video

Prime Video has released the official trailer for “The Consultant,” the forthcoming series starring Christopher Waltz

About The Series: 

Based on Bentley Little’s 2015 novel of the same name, the characters and story in this thrilling new series unfold in new and unexpected ways.

The Consultant” is a twisted, comedic-thriller series that explores the sinister relationship between boss and employee. 

When a new consultant, Regus Patoff (Waltz), is hired to improve the business at the App-based gaming company CompWare, employees experience new demands and challenges that put everything into question… including their lives.

The Cast:

Christopher Waltz, Aimee Carrero, Nat Wolff, and Brittany O’Grady. 

Premiere Date: 

February 24, 2023

Watch The Trailer: 

Do you plan to check out “The Consultant” when it premieres on Prime Video in February?

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