Jacob Latimore and Curtiss Cook in 'The Chi' Season 6 (Photo: Elizabeth Sisson/Paramount+ with Showtime)

Exciting news for fans of “The Chi“! Paramount+ and SHOWTIME have officially announced the renewal of the beloved series for a seventh season.

If you’ve been following the drama and excitement of the show, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season and what’s been happening so far.

First things first, the return of Season 6 has been eagerly anticipated, and it’s been breaking records!

The first half of Season 6 saw a surge of nearly 25% in viewership compared to Season 5, making it the most-watched season yet on streaming platforms.


Now, the second half of Season 6 is set to premiere on Friday, May 10 for Paramount+ subscribers with the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan, followed by its on-air debut on Sunday, May 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

But that’s not all.

Season 7 is already in the works and will start production later this month in Chicago.

Lena Waithe, the creator and executive producer of “The Chi,” has been praised for her authentic storytelling that delves deep into the complexities of life in Chicago and the Black experience in America.

Nina L. Diaz, President of Content and Chief Creative Officer at SHOWTIME/MTV Entertainment Studios and Paramount Media Networks, has expressed excitement about the series’ success and the promise of more compelling stories and characters.

For those unfamiliar with the show, “The Chi” is a coming-of-age story set on the South Side of Chicago.

It follows a group of residents whose lives become intertwined by coincidence, but the shared need for connection and redemption binds them together.

The series is produced entirely in Chicago and boasts a talented cast including Jacob Latimore, Alex Hibbert, Yolonda Ross, Shamon Brown Jr., Michael V. Epps, Birgundi Baker, Luke James, and Curtiss Cook, among others.

Notable guest stars for Season 6 include Emmy winner Lynn Whitfield, Jill Marie Jones, Kadeem Hardison, Leon, Brett Gray, and Daniel J. Watts, along with a host of other talented actors and actresses who have contributed to the show’s success.

In addition to Lena Waithe and Common, who serve as executive producers, the series is also backed by Aaron Kaplan, Rick Famuyiwa, Derek Dudley, Shelby Stone, Rishi Rajani, Justin Hillian, Jewel Coronel, Naomi Funabashi, Resheida Brady, Deondray Gossfield, and Quincy LeNear Gossfield, among others.

So, mark your calendars for the return of “The Chi” and get ready for more captivating storytelling, memorable characters, and the rich tapestry of life in Chicago.

Season 7 promises to be another gripping chapter in this acclaimed series!

Congratulations to the cast and crew.

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