Teacher’s Aide At Georgia Elementary School Accused Of Cutting Hair Of Student With Special Needs

A teacher’s aide at Rosebud Elementary School in Loganville, Georgia took it upon herself to cut her student’s hair.

Jax is a 5-year-old special needs student, who went to school with two long braids on Tuesday (May 3), and when his mom was called to come to pick him up, she found several inches of his hair cut and placed in plastic bags.

Jax’s mom Carla Royston says she was told the class had split into groups and the teacher’s aide was working with Jax and another student.

And moments later, the aide got up, said her goodbyes, and left with no explanation.

A student told the teacher that the aide cut Jax’s hair, and the teacher went to look by his desk and found hair on the floor.

The school principal sent a letter home to parents on Wednesday (May 4) letting them know that the aide would not be allowed back on the school grounds until an HR and police investigation are completed.

Carla Royston said the aide was always nice to her family before the incident, but she now wonders if that was a front.

She is concerned that the aide may have done other things to her son.

Jax’s hair had never been cut until the aide cut it because his parents consider long hair a symbol of pride in their family. 

The Roystons pulled Jax out of Rosebud Elementary and they plan to press charges against the teacher’s aide.

Watch the news report below:

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