Velvet Marquez, Wife of Georgia Cult Leader Eligio Bishop, Speaks Out After His Arrest

Velvet Marquez, the wife of Georgia cult leader Eligio Bishop, is speaking out after his recent arrest.

Eligio Bishop, also known as “Nature Boy” and “Th3 3God,” was reportedly arrested on Wednesday, April 13, in Decatur, Georgia, on charges of rape, false imprisonment, and three counts of sexually explicit transmission.

He is the leader of a cult currently known as “Carbon Nation”, and formerly known as “Melanation.”

Velvet says Eligio forced her to marry him after having his daughter in 2019.

She said he lived off of other cult members’ PPP loans and life savings.

During their relationship, she said she gave him her $3000 college fund.

After four attempts, Velvet successfully ran away with her daughter.

Velvet says she fell in love with an idea because he pretended to be someone he wasn’t.

I fell in love with an idea because he pretended to be someone that he wasn’t.

He literally held me hostage. He took all of my identification, my passport, my birth certificate, my social, my bank cards, everything, you name it, medical documentation.

I was forced to engage in sexual activity that I did not want to do.

I was beat… still strangled on multiple occasions so I had to, like, willingly engage in these sexual activities because of… to keep myself safe.

He would abuse me in front of the women.

There was no medical attention given to us. 

So when I actually went into labor, I had to be rushed to the hospital two hours away.

My child is important. I don’t understand how anybody could leave their child to be with him or to go live with him.

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Erikka Carroll was a member of the cult in the early years when it was called “Melanation”, and she says she left after witnessing Eligio abuse one of his girlfriends.

Watch Erikka Carroll’s account on Atlanta 11Alive below:

According to cult member Captain Ace, Eligio is “extremely loving” and “wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Captain Ace and 13 other cult members still live in the Dekalb County home that Bishop was arrested at, and the neighbors are concerned.

Watch Captain Ace’s account on Atlanta 11Alive below:

According to police, they were tipped off by Eligio’s social media post.

Reportedly, he has 90k followers on his YouTube channel, and a huge social media following.

Watch the Atlanta 11Alive news report below:

Eligiio Bishop, Nature Boy, and Th3 God all about to do some major time.

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