The Maryland middle school science teacher who had his students take out his braids and posted it on social media has been cleared to return to the classroom this fall.

Mr. White, who creates content online under the handle “Thilluminator,” sparked multiple online debates and found himself submerged in controversy.

After the video of the students unbraiding his hair went viral, the Science teacher was removed from the classroom while an investigation was conducted.

Mr. White later admitted in another social media post that his actions were “highly unprofessional.”

This video, I agree, was unprofessional. I am not negating that.

Me getting my hair unbraided at the school, at my place of employment…yes, that was highly unprofessional.

I get that. I’m not arguing with that.

But, I am what you call an unprofessional – in some ways – unprofessional, eclectic, unconventional teacher.

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In a recent social media post, the teacher shared an update informing those who have been following his story that the investigation has been completed and he was cleared of any wrongdoing.

He will be returning to the classroom to resume teaching this fall.

Watch the video below.

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