Taryn Manning took to the streets of social media and aired out her boonchie-lickin business with her married boo-thang.

The 44-year-old actress, who has starred in films and shows like 8 Mile, Hustle & Flow, and “Orange is the New Black,” has drawn quite a bit of attention to herself after she uploaded a video where she spilled the beans on her affair with a married man.

Taryn Manning detailed how her married boo-thang liked for her to lick his boonchie.

So, the man that I’ve been messing with is a married man.

So every night, well for about 3 nights in a row, or maybe there’s a night in between, I was licking his butthole.

Yup! Because he liked it. And I didn’t mind doing it. Is that weird?

We drove all the way down to Newport Beach today so that I could buy him a boat.

I was so in love – so I thought – so I could buy this gentleman a boat.

I brought cash to put a downpayment down.

But, the plot thickened when his wife threatened to get a restraining order on Taryn Manning and put her in jail.

Like I really loved him. I was like, ‘Yeah, we’re into the same things. We’re kinky.’

And his wife, cause he’s married, and I feel so bad because I can’t stand her – his wife.

She wasn’t even like, ‘Wait! What? You’ve been messing with my man?!’

She said, ‘You lunatic! You get out of my life or I’ll put an R.O. on you and I’ll put your a** in jail.’

But, a lil jail threat isn’t enough to have Taryn Manning shook.

She continued:

I’ve been licking your man’s butthole for weeks on end because he likes it a lot and I do it to him.

And he comes to me and it happens.

That’s a lot. I know that’s a lot of information, but I’m the lunatic, right?

Nah, I’m just single. Very single and he came to me. So you don’t accuse me of being a lunatic.

But, I’ll tell you one thing lady – you want to put me in jail?

I’ll put you in jail so fast your head’ll be spinning.

Don’t you ever threaten me!

According to Taryn, her boo “messed up real bad” so she didn’t go through with the boat purchase.

Watch below as Taryn offers her Car Confession for the internet.

After some self-reflection and taking her chances with E. coli, Taryn Manning released an apology statement via Instagram where she expressed her regret for airing out a private matter publicly.

She wrote:

Over the past few days, I’ve had some time to reflect on the situation I’ve been dealing with.

I was deeply hurt and handled things on a public platform when I should’ve just dealt with them quietly with the support of my close friends and family.

I felt a lot of Guilt After exposing everything and thought maybe the best resolution to the situation would be to say I lied about it all, but that is not the truth.

I started a relationship with somebody who was married and told me he would leave his wife.

In the end, I found out that wasn’t possible.

I pride myself on being an ethical and kind person.

I know what I did was wrong, but the heart makes you do crazy things sometimes.

I am sorry for exposing my situation; I am not sorry for how I love.

I hope to find somebody who cherishes me the way I adore them.

A healthy type of love.

A love that isn’t so blind that it forces me to be somebody I’m not.

This was a huge learning lesson for me.

With all this said, I am asking everyone to please give me my privacy so I can heal and mend my heart.

Thank you.

– Taryn

See Taryn Manning’s original statement below.

I don’t want the kind of love that will have me online talking about licking boochie nightly.

While a part of me empathizes with Taryn Manning, I also feel like if you play with knives you are bound to get cut. 

I hope she does learn from this. 

The bright side is she ended the relationship before the wife had her locked up.

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  1. Lawd 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. No one and I do mean NO ONE wanted or needed to know this. She could’ve and should’ve kept this to herself.

  2. PSA:
    If any woman is out here tossing my husband’s salad, eating his grosseries(pun intended), or licking his boonchie… baby continue. Thank you for taking one for the team sis!

  3. I saw this video last week but once she started talking – I became exhausted. I didn’t watch the whole video because I thought she was doing a skit. Some days I’m not in the mood for Internet games. The is whole thing is screaming, Nola : [crying] Do you know what I do in the back of them cars? Do you? Everybody’s got something to do, every body’s got something important going on in their lives but me, D! And I want something! (Hustle & Flow)

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