It’s blessings on blessing for Jackie Cruz

The “Orange Is the New Black” star and her husband, Fernando Garcia, are expecting twins, a boy, and a girl.

The couple, who tied the knot in August 2020, were having trouble conceiving. 

So, Jackie was ready to get medical assistance with conceiving, but her husband urged her to wait and trust the process of conceiving naturally.

She told People

It’s been a wonderful pregnancy, honestly. I’ve been working on it for a few years. I’ve had some issues with fertility.

Going to doctors, they want you to take all this medicine. My husband, he’s really into just being natural and believing that you can do it.

I was against it. I was like, ‘No, I want this now.’ But he was like, ‘No, come on. Give your body a chance. This is what the woman is made for.’ But some people are different. Some people have to take fertility [medication], but we wanted to try natural first. And of course, if that didn’t work, there were other avenues.

Now, the couple is expecting twins! 

Jackie Cruz took to Instagram to share the exciting news writing: 

I’ve been holding this secret in my heart for a minute and I’m ready to share it with the world. Something that I have been working on with for a while, is finally happening. I love how organic and natural the entire process has been. “I asked God for a Rose and he sent me a bouquet.” ????‍♂️

Thank you @pompigarcia for the stunning Oaxacan dress. ¡Viva Mexico!

Does this make me Mexican? I have two half-Mexicans growing in my belly. ???????????? ????????

In another post, Jackie wrote: 

Btw y’all, I’m #TWINNING ???????????????? ~ “That has always been my dream, to just have a big family. My husband feels the same. God already started. I’m getting two in one, two for the price of one, right? So who knows if I could do this one more time and I have four.”

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Congratulations to the expectant parents!