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Life was life’n on the set of the “Tamron Hall Show” early Wednesday after burned food caused a grease fire at New York City’s ABC Studios. 

The good news is everyone (including “The View” co-hosts) are safe and sound after evacuating the studios. 

Tamron Hall released a video on YouTube announcing the unfortunate incident and that the show that was scheduled for today will not air as a result. 

“I’m in fact live in front of a black screen because we’ve had something that’s never happened in the five seasons of the ‘Tamron Hall Show,'” the Emmy-winning journalist said.

“We’re not able to air the show that was scheduled today,” she continued, confirming, “we had a grease fire in our kitchen.”

Tamron Hall said that the audience was in a holding area inside the studio’s Upper West Side location when the grease fire broke out.

She also credited her team for reacting in “incredible time” with “extinguishers going off.” 

“Everyone is safe, we were able to evacuate out of our studio, and now we’re in the cleanup phase in the show,” Tamron said, adding that everything should be back on track with a new live episode on Thursday.

Watch below as Tamron gives the scoop.

A follow-up statement from “The Tamron Hall Show” reads: 

Everyone, including staff, crew, guests and audience members, were safely evacuated from the area and no one was harmed.

The show was able to return safely to the studio in time for Tamron to address the situation during a segment that aired live at the top of today’s show.

A spokesperson for the Fire Department of New York City told EW that crews responded to the studio around 8:42 a.m. local time.

“On arrival, units had discovered burnt food on the stove in the building,” the spokesperson said. “FDNY handled this call with one engine and one ladder consisting of approximately 12 personnel. No injuries were reported.”

Thank God no one was seriously hurt.

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