Reesa Teesa on the 'Tamron Hall Show'

Reesa Teesa On The ‘Tamron Hall Show’ 

Reesa Teesa, creator of the TikTok series, “Who TF Did I Marry,” was a recent guest on the “Tamron Hall Show.”

In the sneak peek, released online, the TikToker, whose real name is Teresa Johnson opened up about the negative and hurtful comments. 

Reesa shared that the comments accusing her of sharing her experience for “clout” because she said she was being vulnerable. 

But, she also noted that the comments about her looks are especially hurtful – namely the remark Charlamagne Tha God made about her having a “big back.” 

I previously reported his remarks sparked an online dispute between Jess Hilarious and Ts Madison.

Reesa said, “There was a person, a very famous personality that called me a ‘big back’ – talking about my weight.”  

She added, “I can already admit I’m self-conscious as a heavier woman I feel like how I look should not dictate whether or not I deserve…

Reesa Teesa said, “That was disappointing and it was hurtful – especially the one that was the more famous personality. Because again, I’m more than just my weight.”

Watch A Sneak Peek

Reesa Teesa’s interview on the “Tamron Hall Show” will air on Monday, March 4.

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