Nas has released the official music video for “Wave Gods,” featuring A$AP Rocky and the legendary DJ Premier.

On the Hit-Boy-produced track, which appears on Nas’ latest release, Magic, he raps:

Wake up out the bed, wrap my durag up
Say a prayer, I’m thankin’ god that Mom dukes had us
Monotone style like Guru on some Preemo cuts
Crewneck by McQueen go nuts
Jewels over my white hoodie like Juvie in ‘9-8
It’s movies that I make
Peruvian white flake
It tore the community at a high rate
Adversity I faced
I roll my own gas to make sure that it’s not laced
Damn I used to hit the block hopin’ they see me
Watchin’ Video Music Box sittin’ close to the TV
I was inspired by Whodini and Kool G
Got my first pair of J’s thought I was 2-3 (Air)
Invest in all my G’s before we rest in peace
‘Cause we sure to rest in peace
My shorty is a piece, a piece of mind, a dimepiece
I might buy her a piece of property
You might’a had some joints but ain’t nuttin’ like me and Rocky seen

Watch the official music video for “Wave Gods” below.

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