Memphis Bleek Drops Details On The New Location Of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club

After revealing that he sends Jay-Z songs in hopes of an EP collaboration, but he feels Jay-Z’s billionaire status is keeping him out of the booth, Memphis Bleek dropped some details on the new location of The 40/40 Club.

They opening a new location.

The 40/40 been open 15 years, you know, we was in Battery Park, like, lower Manhattan.

Nobody go down there. It’s no clubs down there. We were the first.

So, after 15 years, Jay decided to close the doors to move it uptown a little bit further to midtown.

It’s not over! We coming back bigger, stronger than ever, man, you know what I’m saying?

Ah, midtown, like, around 42nd, 34th street. We gonna be where the money at.

It’s supposed to open next summer.

Yup, top of the year next year.

We need some Startenders so baddies pull up!

Watch the clip of the Memphis Bleek interview below:

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