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NeNe Leakes recently took to social media to announce she is the ambassador for Georgia Plastic Surgery, Dr. Okoro, and they would be going on a “Perfectly Pretty You” journey together.

NeNe said many years ago, while she was on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she got her nose and her breast done, but she gets a lot of comments from people claiming she’s had a lot more work done.

She said Dr. Okoro can confirm that she’s only had her nose and breast done, prior to her “Perfectly Pretty You” journey.

NeNe said she had a consultation with Dr. Okoro about liposuction 360, and when they started talking about where to transfer the fat from her problem areas, she said she’s not a fan of BBLs, but she acknowledged there are some areas in her backyard (butt) that she would like to clean up.

So she asked Dr. Okoro if she just wanted to fix up her backyard what would that surgery be called, and he told her a BBL.

Since she’s not a fan of the term BBL, they put some “cute” adjectives in front of it and decided to call it a “mini professional BBL.”

Watch the video below of NeNe Leakes talking about her consultation with Dr. Okoro below:

Watch the video of her procedure below.

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