T.I. previewed the lyrics for his new single, “What It’s Come To,” where he refers to his anonymous sexual assault accusers “lyin ass b**ches.”

The IG post shows a piece of notepad paper with the song lyrics written on it.

It is unclear if all of the lyrics that are written on the notepad paper will make the song because when you press the play button only the first two verses align with what T.I. raps.

The last verse on the notepad seemed to be a direct shot at his sexual accusers.

Willing to face whatever consequences for his vision…

While I’m up against some lyin a** b*tches

DAMN. This is what it come to…

See the IG post below:

Watch the lyric video below.

T.I. and his wife, Tiny, are in the middle of an LAPD investigation based on allegations from one of his accusers, but that’s not stopping him from releasing this song.

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