The LAPD is investigating a Jane Doe’s sexual assault claims from 2005 against T.I. and Tiny Harris.

According to reports, in early 2005, Jane Doe met T.I. and Tiny at a club, and Tiny bought her a drink. She had been drinking prior to accepting Tiny’s drink.

She was then invited back to the hotel room with two other women, but she ended up alone with T.I. and Tiny.

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She claims T.I. and Tiny persuaded her to take a shower with them. After the shower, she alleges T.I. led her to the bed and turned on an adult film.

He asked her to rub oil on him, and Tiny joined in.

She then claims T.I. came from behind and stuck his toes in her vagina.

According to the report, the woman said T.I. told her that he was going to get a condom, but she said she felt sick and went to the bathroom to throw up.

She claims she blacked out soon after, but when she woke up the next morning her vagina felt sore and it had a burning sensation.

According to T.I. and Tiny’s attorney, they haven’t been contacted by the LAPD.

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T.I. took to his IG in late January, when the allegations started heating up, and he vehemently denied all the sexual assault allegations against him and his wife.

See the IG post below:

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Source: TMZ