Sza Thanks Her Fans For Making Her SoundCloud Song #1 For 7 Days (Video)

SZA recently took to her Instagram account to thank her fans for making her SoundCloud song “I Hate U” number one for seven days straight without any promo or radio play.

She also thanked her team for acknowledging the impact the song was having and getting it to streaming services.

Y’all really took a song from SoundCloud and made it number one for 7 days straight . No promo no radio . no nada. Jus YALLS LOVE . I AM SO BEYOND THANKFUL TO HAVE YOU ALL IN MY LIFE! Thank you to my fire a** team for helping me get this song on streaming asap ????! artwork and all !! I love y’all . ???? keep running up I HATE YOU BUT DONT MEAN IT TOO MUCH ???? ????????????

SZA also added some fans on TikTok, jamming to her song, to her post.

Watch the video below (swipe):

Preview SZA’s “I Hate You” song below:

Are you scooping or scrapping SZA’s “I Hate You” song?

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