Swizz Beatz Speaks On Parenting & His Son Egypt Producing for Kendrick Lamar at 5 Years Old

Swizz Beatz recently spoke about parenting on the “Jennifer Hudson Show”, and his talented son Egypt joined him and talked about his future career aspirations.

Jennifer asked Swizz what inspired his blended family, and he responded:

Not an easy process in the beginning, but, you know, we live and we learn.

And what we learn is that the kids didn’t ask to be here… Right, you know, sometimes we gotta take ourself out of it and make it about the union of the kids and the community.

Because that’s what’s going to pass on the legacy, you know.

We can be stuck on our own personal things, um, for a long time, but when we grow up, and we say you know what… When you ask a person a question, ‘Why do you do this for?’

Naturally, people are gonna say, ‘I do it for my kids.’

And so we just choice to buckle down and really do it for the kids.

And, um, we have an amazing blended family, and, um, all my kids is happy, and we’re happy as well.

So that’s a blessing.

Jennifer then talked about how Swizz’s son Egypt and her son used to hang out in the studio when they were younger, and now Egypt has played the piano in concert with his mother, Alicia Keys, and he has produced a song for Kendrick Lamar.

Swizz said he is still jealous of Egypt for the work he did with Kendrick Lamar, and he initially thought Egypt was bothering Kendrick when they first met at the Super Bowl, but Kendrick told him that 5-year-old Egypt was helping him work through his writer’s block.

I’m jealous as hell of that one… I thought me and Kendrick was cool.

But they, um, kick it off at the, ah, at the Super Bowl… right here at the Super Bowl game.

And I looked, and him and Kendrick was talking for, like, 40 minutes.

And I went over and said to Kendrick, ‘Is he bothering you, should I move him, I know, you know, you enjoying yourself.’

He said, ‘No, Swizz, like, I had writer’s  block, and what Egypt is telling me is helping me deal with something.’

Um, and I was like, ‘Well, man, he’s five-years-old, like…’

Still to this day, I don’t know what he was helping him deal with, but I let it happen.

Egypt who is now 12 years old joined the interview and revealed that he loves music, but he aspires to be a basketball player.

Watch the Swizz Beatz and Egypt interview from the “Jennifer Hudson Show” below:

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