‘Swan Song’ Star Mahershala Ali Says To ‘Die In Motion’

Mahershala Ali visits CBS Mornings to talk Swan Song

As the interview wrapped, Mahershala was asked what advice he would give someone who may be facing their mortality or dealing with two versions of themselves.

He responded:

Take advantage. Take advantage of this moment and work towards your fulfillment. 

Listen to that voice – that call and response that is telling you to let something go and move toward something else, which is always going to ask you to do something difficult. 

Like say, ‘Yes,’ to the things that are difficult. 

Say, ‘Yes,’ to the fear.

Lean in on it and continue to push yourself so that we can all die in motion. 

Nobody wants to die in neutral. 

We’re all going to go. So, die in motion. 

Watch the interview with Mahershala below and let it bless you.

Not only is Mahershala Ali an incredible actor…he’s a wonderful man.

Swan Song airs on Apple TV+ on December 17.

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