Atlanta mayoral candidate Felicia Moore is feeling some kind of way about her loss to Andre Dickens in the runoffs and now she is calling out T.I. and Isaac Hayes III for spreading lies to help Andre win.

In a video, posted on TMZ, Moore blames T.I. and Isaac Hayes III for spreading “lies” about her wanting to close down Atlanta recording studios and strip clubs.

You can see a few examples of the alleged “lies” below.

At the end of her video, Felicia Moore had some spicy words about T.I. about the sexual misconduct allegations that surfaced against him:

Mr. T.I., who I would’ve thought should’ve learned his lesson from jumping on me when I was running earlier because… it got him in a fight with someone else that opened up the whole series of allegations that he has in front of him.

Watch Felicia Moore’s shady video below:

Felicia is referring to T.I.’s dispute with Sabrina Peterson that led to opening the floodgates of sexual misconduct allegations against Mr. and Mrs. Harris.

See T.I.’s response on page 2.