Swae Lee Shares Emotional Call With Brother Who Is Charged With Killing Their Father (Video)

Swae Lee and his mother Bernadette Walker shared an emotional phone call with his brother Michael Sullivan, who is in a Mississippi jail facing a first-degree murder charge in their father’s death.

The emotional phone call is a part of Swae Lee’s new Snapchat docuseries, “Swae Meets World,” which premiered last Saturday.

Swae Lee and his mother talked to Michael about the night in January 2020 when Swae’s stepfather Floyd Sullivan, who raised him, was gunned down.

Michael, who suffers from mental illness and is on medication, told Swae Lee and his mother that he was hearing voices the night he allegedly shot his father.

Watch a clip of the phone call below.


Michael was arrested for murder the day after Floyd Sullivan was shot to death. If convicted, Michael faces life in prison.

Michael’s mother, Bernadette, believes he was off his medication before the alleged shooting.

Episode 1 of the Snapchat docuseries “Swae Meets World” shows the build-up to the phone call.

Watch Episode 1 below:


We send our condolences and prayers to Swae Lee and his family.

Source: TMZ

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