Summer Walker

Summer Walker told y’all she was “ghetto” and folks still continue to play with her.

The singer recently gathered a fan who tried to tiptoe around asking her if she was pregnant by her boyfriend, “BMF” star Lil Meech.

The fan wrote, “Why do your stomach look pudge? Don’t make me mad, Summer. LOL

Summer Walker, who announced she had given birth to twins in January, didn’t mince words in her response.

She let the fan know that her stomach looks the way that it does because she’s given birth to three children and did not get lipo.

She also added that she has no plans of having a fourth child any time soon.

Cause I had THREE KIDS HO & no lipo lol y’all need to stop asking me this

Lil Lil Meech ain’t coming no time soon lol

relax I’m finta tour soon no time for that right now 

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Summer Walker responds to fan about being pregnant by Lil Meech

I think it’s best that everyone put forth their best effort to mind their own reproductive organs and bodies.

Summer Walker said she has plans, chile.

And having Lil Meech’s baby is not on her To-Do List at the moment.

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