Stevie Wonder Talks Juneteenth, Trump, & More In ‘The Universe Is Watching Us’ Video

Stevie Wonder had a few things to get off of his chest and I’m so glad he did.

On Tuesday (June 23), the musical genius released a video on YouTube titled, “The Universe Is Watching Us,” where he addressed everything from celebrating Juneteeth when we are still fighting for freedom to the presidential atrocity known as Donald Trump.

At one point in the video, Stevie Wonder said:

I’ve heard the person in the highest place of this nation say, ‘There are fine people on both sides.’ That sounds noncommittal to me. I have a great relationship with the Blacks.’ Peaceful protesters called ‘thugs,’ immigrants called ‘rapists.’ And from the very place that civilization began, Africa, I’ve heard this Commander-in-Chief call it an s-h-i-t-hole. Wow. One day, you will surely be sorry.

Watch the 5:17 minute video below:

Thank you for this, Stevie! ?

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