Steve Nash Named As Brooklyn Nets New Head Coach & Stephen A. Calls It White Privilege

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Steve Nash was named as the Brooklyn Nets new head coach, and Stephen A. believes Nash was hired because of white privilege.

This morning on First Take Stephen A. gave his perspective on the Steve Nash hire.

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Stephen A. makes it clear upfront that he thinks very highly of Steve Nash, and he believes Nash will do a great job in Brooklyn.

Stephen A. says his frustration comes from the fact that more qualified former black NBA coaches continue to get bypassed when these type of opportunities come up, and he has a very good point.

He also calls out Kyrie and Durant for signing off on the decision to hire Nash when there are proven black coaches like Mark Jackson & Tyrone Lue who are available.

I don’t agree with Stephen A. correlating black men in America losing their lives from police brutality to the coaching hire because Steve Nash has nothing to do with that.

I understand Stephen A. was trying to relay where we are with race relations in the world today, but I feel it was misplaced in this conversation.

Steve Nash has a great reputation in the NBA, and his personality tends to resonate with players.

I’m sure Steve Nash will do a great job in Brooklyn, but I totally agree with Stephen A. that more black coaches need to be considered when these opportunities present themselves.

Do you think Steve Nash will be a good fit in Brooklyn?

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