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First Take” host Stephen A. Smith recently appeared on Shannon Sharpe’sClub Shay Shay” podcast and discussed the importance of keeping his private life private. 

The 55-year-old sports analyst and television personality says he won’t hesitate to cut off a Chatty Patty.

I will cancel a woman in a heartbeat that talks about my business.

She utters my name publicly about us, she gone!

You know why?… Because I want you to know who my woman is when she’s Mrs. Smith.

I’m talking about publicly.

Stephen A. also said that his woman cannot post anything on social media about their relationship, or she will be done.

He said he detests when celebrities’ dating history becomes public conversation because they are on social media sharing their business.

I can’t stand when we see people out here, like, sharing their information, and, you know, it’s on Instagram and Twitter.

We grown a** men and women!

When did your business become everybody else’s business?

I don’t vibe with that. I have no patience with that.

Watch the clip of the Stephen A. Smith interview from the “Club Shay Shay” podcast below:

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