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Brian Urlacher showed his true colors on Instagram as he compared the NBA players’ decision to postpone games to fight for social justice, in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting, to Brett Favre’s decision to play in a Monday Night Football game the day after his father passed.

Brian Urlacher is a former NFL linebacker who played for the CHICAGO BEARS for 13 years.

Apparently Brian needs glasses because he cannot see what’s going on in our society.

Brian wrote this on Instagram:

I don’t understand the parallel at all.

Jacob Blake was shot in his back 7 times in front of his 3 sons, and Brett Favre’s father passed of a heart attack while driving.

Brian is a part of the problem, he’s not acknowledging the continuous acts of police brutality against African Americans that culminated with the shooting of Jacob Blake which prompted the NBA players to put the playoffs on pause.

Brian also needs to get his facts straight because Favre’s dad passed on Sunday and Favre played on Monday.

This reminds me of the saying, if you entertain a clown you become a part of the circus.

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