Sprunica Elementary School Gives Parents The Option To Opt Out Of Black History Lessons

Sprunica Elementary School in Nineveh, Indiana, had the audacity to give parents the option to opt-out of Black History Month lessons.

The letter was written by the school counselor Benjamin White.

At the end of the letter, there is a directive that reads:

If you would like your child to receive these lessons in class, then you do not have to do anything,

If you would like to opt your child out for receiving these lessons, then sign the form below and have your child return it to the school to give to the teacher.

See the letter below:


Superintendent of the school district, Emily Tracy, released the following statement:

We do not allow students and parents to opt out of required curriculum, including instruction on social studies and histories.

Any decision related to parental consent and curriculum determinations are made in accordance with the law.

We are looking into the matter to determine the justification for the language included in the letter. We will respond to any parental concerns on an individualized basis.

The letter went viral over the weekend and it has been receiving a lot of criticism online.

Watch the news report below:

The first paragraph of the letter directly contradicts the opt-out option in the second paragraph of the letter.

Source: The Grio

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