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Spring breakers went to Miami Beach over the weekend in massive numbers seeking a good time, and they quickly caused a state of emergency.

The crowds are reportedly much larger than years past causing concerns of an epic COVID-19 spreader event in a city with the highest test positivity rate of large metro areas in the United States over the last three months.

City officials attempted to regulate the crowd by issuing an 8 PM curfew on Saturday, but thousands of spring breakers ignored the curfew and continued to party into the night.

Sunday night, spring breakers protesting the curfew were met with law enforcement on Ocean Drive, Miami’s entertainment district.

Police shot pepper balls at crowds of people who did not follow their orders to clear the area.

There has been 1000 people arrested since spring break began, and 51% are not Florida residents.

See footage from Ocean Drive in the GMA report below:

City officials held a meeting on Sunday and extended the 8 PM curfew until mid-April.

I’m not sure why they think extending the curfew is going to make people follow it.

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