It’s fight or flight! Not fight on flight! Spirit Airlines was forced to make an emergency landing after passengers got into a bloody flight mid-flight!

The brawl went down on Thursday on a flight headed from Los Angeles to Michigan when a passenger who was trying to sleep complained about other passengers being too loud on the flight.

An argument ensued between the sleepy dude and the noisy passengers. Next thing you know, one of the noisy passengers put the paws on the sleepy dude, beating him bloody.

Other passengers on the flight were begging Spirit employees to step in, but they said, “We don’t get paid enough to deal with this.”

The pilots made an emergency landing in Des Moines, Iowa, for two hours.

The culprits ran into the bathroom and changed out of their bloody clothes before the U.S. Marshall boarded the flight in an effort not to be recognized.

Surprisingly, the people involved in the fight were allowed to return to the flight. Police said they had no jurisdiction to arrest them.

Watch the news report below:

Whew chile…I’d rather walk than fly Spirit.