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‘Snowfall’ Star Isaiah John Announces Birth Of His Son

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Isaiah John is a father!

The 25-year-old “Snowfall” star took to social media on Friday to excitedly announce the birth of his son. 

Isaiah shared a photo of his newborn son writing: 

On 9/24/21 at 12:12am my son was born. I can’t express the excitement I feel so I will share this letter I wrote him a few months ago.

A letter to my son.

My beautiful son. I thank our Heavenly Father for you every day. You are a blessing. That’s why your beautiful mother gave you such a powerful name. She knew you were going to be a great man of God. You are a leader. You are anointed. You are chosen. I promise to show and teach you how to be a well rounded man. A man that loves. A man that leads. A man that always looks to Our Heavenly Father for answers. I am looking forward to the day we meet in person. I know you can feel my presence while in your mother’s womb so I pray when I hold you it feels like home????.

P.s. he looks just like me. Next slide is a photo of me when I was born.

See his original post below. 

Congratulations to Isaiah John on the birth of his precious baby boy. 

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