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Charmaine Bey Of ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Expecting Baby No. 2 With Hubby Neek

Charmaine Bey took to social media to share that The Beys are “soon to be a family of four.”

The “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star is expecting her second child with her husband, Neek.

She announced:

Soon to be family of FOUR! #TheBeys are 5 months pregnant and counting! Gender reveal is going down tomorrow and I’m so excited to find out if this baby is a #Girl or #Boy !! Drop a ???? or a ????

See the original IG post below:


This is amazing news considering what Charmaine has been through with the recent loss of her mother and father.

Fortunately, she was able to share the good news with her father before he passed.

Watch the video below:


The gender reveal is today, and Chairmaine’s father and her husband Neek have already put their bids in for a boy.

See Charmaine’s cool gender reveal nails below:


We are very happy for The Beys, and we wish them a safe and healthy delivery.

Do you think Charmaine Bey is going to have another girl or a boy?

Update: The Beys are welcoming another baby girl!



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