Colorful animated graphic of Franklin Saint for Snowfall Season 4

Hands down and without a shadow of a doubt “Snowfall” is one of the best and most riveting shows on television.

The crime drama is now in it’s fourth season and they have upped the ante once again.

We are four episodes in to season four and South Central is in shambles as gang violence has ramped up and Franklin Saint and his trusty cane are stuck between a rock (Man Boy) and a hard place (Skully) after his plan goes awry.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a virtual press conference with Co-Creator, Showrunner, Executive Producer and Writer Dave Andron, Executive Producer and Writer Walter Mosley, and cast members Damson Idris (Franklin Saint), Carter Hudson (Teddy McDonald), Michael Hyatt (Cissy), Amin Joseph (Jerome), Isaiah John (Leon), Angela Lewis (Louie), and Kevin Carroll (Alton)
for an amazing convo about the show.

From the impact of the pandemic on filming to dealing with the loss of John Singleton – read 8 powerful, insightful, and fun quotes from our “Snowfall” convo below.

Damson Idris in suit and holding cane as character Franklin Saint in Snowfall season 4

Damson Idris On The Growth And Evolution Of Franklin Saint

I’m definitely enjoying being a demon. 

For me personally, I just hoped that we’d get the pilot picked up. So to be in this position today and to see Franklin grow into the man, he is today… I, as an actor, have also grown into the man I am today. The whole journey has been fantastic.

As we move into season four and Franklin is less sure of himself and he’s more vulnerable than we’ve ever seen him. I think as an audience and as a viewer that’s going to be fantastic to see because he’s not James Bond and he isn’t always going to overcome adversity. You don’t know if he’s going to win or if he’s going to lose. I think for that reason is, in my opinion, the best season is four.

Kevin Carroll On Playing A Black Father On Television

For me, there is no stronger position in the industry than playing a Black father, especially one where we see him loving on his son right, wrong, or indifferent.

Loving with his wife right, wrong, or indifferent and attempting to heal the community.

There is no better job in television. I dare you to find one. 

Carter Hudson shrugging his shoulders

Carter Hudson On The Impact Of The Pandemic While They Were Filming Season 4

It was a fun season to shoot until it sort of wasn’t. 

It was this whole other very strange experience very surreal and weird and then difficult in its way, but you work through it.

I suppose, in some ways it was focusing because we stopped a little less than halfway through the shooting schedule and then resumed – I don’t know something like six or seven or eight months later.

And everybody was different than you know, like everybody’s life had changed completely and we were in the middle of episodes.

So you say, ‘Well, who am I now inside of this thing? I’m a different person than I was when we started.’

We’ve all experienced a lot this year, a lot of loss and heartbreak and damage and then you come back and it’s like, ‘Where were we?’

Isaiah John On How The Pandemic Impacted His Performance In Season 4

Prior to the pandemic outbreak, coming into season 4, you know it was cool – like I was excited.

But, once the world kind of shook up with everything that was going on from you know COVID to the social injustice that happened across America, it really caused me to sit back and re-evaluate myself for one. Also, I looked at the world through a different perspective.

I would definitely say, for me, I came back filming the rest of ‘Snowfall’ with a whole new perspective, and I personally felt free because I was able to get rid of a lot of baggage over the points of just sitting still. 

So, I came back lighter, I came back more self-aware and to me, I feel like it transpired to performances. 

I was just able to get rid of a lot of baggage and it was beautiful.

Amin Joseph wearing Jheri curl wig, suit, and gold chain as character Jerome on Snowfall
Pictured: Amin Joseph as Jerome Saint | CR: Prashant Gupta/FX

Amin Joseph On The Cast Checking To See If Their Character Survives Each Episode

Damson knows and the rest of the cast knows, I have a running joke that we weren’t able to do after the pandemic, which is we usually flip through to the back of the screenplay just to make sure that we are alive for each episode because there’s so much that goes on in an episode of ‘Snowfall.’

Angela Lewis On The Death Of John Singleton

I can’t really put into words what it’s like to lose a loved one. If you’ve ever lost a loved one then maybe you can imagine what it’s like to be in a room with people who have all lost the same loved one. 

There is a tremendous amount of muscle memory that is the elephant in the room, but then there is also a sense of wanting to help each other push through. 

There is also the sense of wanting there to be joy in the room and wanting to continue his legacy.

Michael Hyatt On Moving Forward With ‘Snowfall’ In John Singleton’s Absence

I believe in spirit energy completely I believe in the guidance and power of our ancestors, so you ask how do we behave when John isn’t here… John is absolutely here.

He is just in a different dimension guiding us and as Walter and Angie have said, the truth that he implemented in this story in the commitment of this show, is what we continue to carry.

Walter Mosley On John Singleton Empowered Them To Keep ‘Snowfall’ Great

One of the great things about John was he didn’t need to dominate in a way that all of the creativity belonged to him. He shared it out. He just said, ‘What do you guys doing? What’s going on?’

And it’s one of the reasons that the show’s been able to continue is because he’d bequeath everything to us well before you know he died.

Watch the official trailer for “Snowfall” season 4 below:

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